Stage: Launch ready

Type: Website

IncGrid is a B2B marketplace for service providers. Only companies that were vetted and implemented sample projects can post proposals. Check their work before you hire them for your projects. In IncGrid we only have established, expert companies. No individual freelancers. We cater to medium, large or very large projects that need a good team, high quality implementation and the certainty of long time support. Not every company is accepted in IncGrid. In order to be accepted they have to implement sample projects, which are checked for their quality, customer experience and adherence to the specification. You should check how a company works before you hire it. In IncGrid companies don't show you only a portfolio with a few pretty images. They implemented a sample project like yours from a list of possibilities and you have access to all the deliverables, from the proposal to the final result. We have only serious companies that can provide a detailed proposal, with realistic deadlines and a serious budget, and follow it. If you are a service provider, we review each company that joins IncGrid, following their implementation of sample projects. You'll get a complete review of the entire process, helping you to identify your strongest points and what could be improved. One of the big problems to overcome with new customers is to prove that you have the expertise and your work is excellent. We solve that for you, since customers will access your sample implementation. And you’ll only get good leads, competing only with high quality companies.