Stage: Idea

Type: Mobile app

Here at Buzz we fundamentally believe that the job search and evaluation process for the candidate is still flawed. Research shows us that job seekers still do not believe there is enough transparency in their job search around areas such as job description and salary. With the addition of Gen Z candidates entering the workforce, companies need to become better at attracting candidates with engaging content. People like Glassdoor and Linkedin are not showing the real day to day of a job role.  Meet Buzz, a career stories content platform detailing the day to day activities of people’s jobs. Buzz is: An employee generated content platform for the workforce seeking the truth about their next role and company! Buzz is a platform to allow it's users to upload content about their day to day job activities in a fun and engaging way. For the Buzz user viewing the content it's a chance to see the REAL 9 to 5 in action to evaluate whether they wish to apply for the role. For the Buzz user uploading their content, it's a chance to showcase what they actually do for a living, what their role is, the good, the bad and the ugly and to give an insight into the their company.