Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to WIFI cameras

Stage: Development in progress

Type: Mobile app

Do u have a WIFI cam that sends email alerts with pictures when motion detected (including pet/baby monitors, wifi doorbells, multi cam kits or cheap <$35 cams)? Want one of those crowdfunded “smart” AI cams, but don’t want to throw away the cams u already own or don’t have $100+ to back the campaigns? Then just upgrade ur cams with AI... and its as easy as auto forwarding the email alerts to us. We will filter alerts and just notify u when a human is detected (using end-2-end encryption), train our AI to recognize faces and false positives, set detection zones, automatically turn alerts ON/OFF whenever u leave/enter a location, use our smart alerts to activate IFTTT devices, and more... because we plan to continuously enhance our AI and add new features, but the best part, its FREE with ads or just $2 per month without ads for up to 4 cams.