Stage: Clickable prototype

Type: Mobile app

Ziptrrip is as integrated platform for all your travel needs which is slated to be the most efficient way to plan and execute your trip. There are 4 major factors in any travel. 1. Travel from source to destination and back 2. Stay 3. Food 4. Local travel So in Ziptrrip all you have to do is input your budget and travel dates along with no. of people travelling. Ziptrrip algorithm will learn about your budget and show you the best possible options in all these 4 factors. And in every factor you will get "High", "Medium" and "Low" category so that you can simply toggle between where to spend more and where to go frugal and once done that you can find various options in that category. The best thing is even if you have the budget of 10K or 50K we will have the best options for you in all category. And end of it you can simply book whatever your like from Ziptrrip.