Companisstants (Work in Progress)

Stage: Idea

Type: Mobile app

This kind of goes with my other app idea. Non- sexual companions and assistants. There are thousands of lonely, elderly, people who suffer from an illness in the world. They often need or want companions or assistants to help them with normal tasks. Heres what I mean- Joe doesn't drive, he doesn't have to leave his house very often but when he does, he could logically get into the app/website and find someone willing to drive him for a monthly fee. A busy mom who already has an overstressed day could hire an assistant to run errands for her. The assistant is able to increase their income and the busy mom is less stressed. So and so would like to go to a movie but doesn't want to go alone, being socially awkward and new to town they could get on the app and hire someone to go with them, it's like a rent a friend.